What an HVAC Technician Needs to Know About EPA Certifications

In the HVAC industry, there is a rapidly growing demand for skilled, licensed HVAC technicians. In addition to becoming licensed, there are several required certifications that you must complete to be able to perform your job legally and effectively once you graduate from an HVAC training program. The EPA requires all HVAC technicians to be certified to work with refrigerants. This is why it’s crucial to obtain the necessary EPA certifications so you can begin working.

What is EPA Certification for HVAC Technicians?

Section 608 of The Federal Clean Air Act requires that all technicians, whether you are installing, servicing, repairing, or disposing of appliances that contain ozone-depleting refrigerants, be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques. The EPA 608 certification ensures that technicians have the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and properly work with refrigerants. You must become certified in refrigerant safety, handling, and recovery. The certification also allows technicians to purchase and handle refrigerants. Refrigerants are considered a controlled substance and must be handled in a specific way to ensure there are no errors or safety risks. 

What Types of EPA 608 Certifications Are Available to Take?

There are four types of EPA certifications for HVAC technicians. Which type of certification a technician pursues depends on the equipment they will be dealing with on the job.

EPA 608 Type I certification- This certification is for technicians who service small appliances.

EPA 608 Type II certification – The Type II certification is for technicians who service or dispose of equipment that uses high- or very high-pressure refrigerants.

EPA 608 Type III certification –  The Type III certification is for technicians who service or dispose of equipment that uses low-pressure refrigerants.

EPA 608 Universal certification The Universal certification allows technicians to work with all types of equipment covered in types I, II, and III.

How Do HVAC Technicians Become EPA Certified?

In order to become EPA certified, HVAC technicians should take an EPA 608 certification course. These courses are available online or in person through an EPA-approved certifying organization. Once the course has been completed, the EPA 608 test must be passed to receive the certification. The EPA 608 certification is valid for five years, and technicians are required to take a refresher course and recertify once every five years. 

Aireco offers EPA 608 Certification Tests for those who are ready to become EPA certified. Before sitting for the exam, it is recommended to study using the ESCO Institute’s EPA Section 608 Preparatory Manual. This manual covers the material required to successfully pass the Universal Exam. In addition, ESCO Institute offers free practice exams online. You can also purchase the ESCO Institute’s EPA Section 608 Preparatory Manual, which is sold at Aireco branch locations. If you are looking for more information on registering for an exam, contact us today.