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Belimo RetroFit

Company: Belimo Air ControlsPlatform: Apple iPadCost: FREEGet It Now »

The RetroFit App allows a user to quickly and easily find replacement solutions for valves and actuators with or without an Internet connection. Solutions are available based on the equipment manufacturer, product model, control type, torque, and close-off requirements. Replacement results provide a complete selection of products that are compatible with most control systems.

Copeland Mobile App

Company: EmersonPlatform: Apple and Android Mobile DevicesCost: FREEGet It Now »

The Copeland Mobile smartphone app provides on-the-go access to Emerson’s online product information (OPI) database for Copeland product specifications. This database includes both air conditioning and refrigeration products used in a variety of HVACR applications. Simply start by logging in with your current OPI username or register for a new account through the app. Next, enter at least 5 characters of the model nomenclature to activate an auto fill recommendation listing for model selection. Once a model and application are selected, choose from a variety of options within the home menu screen to search for information pertaining to that specific model. This app’s focus is to bring access of the OPI database directly to the HVACR service industry.

HVAC Calculator App

Company: Nortek Global HVACPlatform: Apple Mobile DevicesCost: $0.99Get It Now »

HVAC calculator is a full set of the formulas most commonly used by HVAC professionals. Air movement, temperature drops, and electrical all in one easy tool. Formulas include Sub Cooling, Fahrenheit to Celsius, Celsius to Fahrenheit, Electric Heat Qs, Electric Heat BTUH, Electric Heat CFM, Electric Heat Watts and Ohms conversions include, watts from current and voltage, watts from voltage and resistance, watts from current and resistance, voltage from current and resistance, current from voltage and resistance and resistance from voltage and current.

Sensi Thermostat

Company: Emerson Climate TechnologiesPlatform: Apple and AndroidCost: FREEGet It Now »

The Sensi Thermostat is a simple and sensible approach to comfort. With the app, homeowners can access it from anywhere – home or away – right from their smartphone or tablet. This means avoiding wasteful heating and cooling when no one’s there, but being able to walk into a comfortable home. Have to work late tonight? Tell the Sensi thermostat to maintain the “away” temperature for a few more hours. Coming home early? Tell it to get the house ready sooner. Forget to change the thermostat before leaving for vacation? No problem. HVAC Contractors can co-brand the app for their customers, adding their name, logo, and phone number to the app to stay only a phone call away. To register, visit

SMART Service Tool

Company: Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. - Spolan DivisionPlatform: Apple and Android Mobile DevicesCost: FREEGet It Now »

The innovative Smart Service Tools display, record, and export HVACR system temperatures, pressures, superheat, and subcooling using this free mobile app. The app allows a technician to read a system’s real-time pressures and temperatures without using cumbersome hoses or manifold gauges. Leveraging an existing smartphone or tablet, this wireless system allows the user to monitor system performance anywhere within Bluetooth range, minimizing charge loss and cleanup by eliminating hoses and minimizing unnecessary steps between system components and equipment. The app automatically displays superheat and subcooling, eliminating manual calculations. All of this data can be easily recorded, saved, and emailed, providing proof of work.

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Static Pressure

Company: Automatic Airflow Balancing LLCPlatform: Apple and Android Mobile DevicesCost: FREE; requires SPM-100 Smartphone Static Pressure MeterGet It Now »

Work hard and smart with this smartphone manometer, which places advanced HVAC tool technology right at a user’s fingertips. The app allows a user to measure static pressure, total external static pressure, pressure differential, and indoor and outdoor pressure. It pairs the meter to your smartphone quickly and seamlessly via Bluetooth. On-screen guidance makes it easy to take and analyze accurate readings. The app imports local weather data based on a smartphone’s GPS location and emails detailed reports directly from within the app. An optional probe kit, with color-coded probes for ease of use, is sold separately.

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