Common Challenges Faced by HVAC Technicians and How to Overcome Them

If you’re considering becoming a part of the HVAC service industry, it’s important to be able to recognize the common issues that arise in your field and how to deal with them. The HVAC field has evolved rapidly since its inception and continues to change as new electronic developments change how systems are built, maintained, and operated. Check out this guide to common challenges that HVAC technicians face and how to overcome them. 

7 of the Biggest Challenges that HVAC Technicians Face 

Issue #1: Finding the Right Talent

Trade industries were strong options for many in the baby boomer generation. However, the millennial generation and younger are not as likely to enter a trade profession, which can make it more difficult to find the right talent for your HVAC technician team. The solution? Look into a recruitment system for your business to help you source, hire, and retain the employees you need for success. You should also look into comprehensive training for all employees, as well as a scheduling tool to maximize their time and productivity. 

Issue #2: Climate Fluctuations

HVAC companies are at their busiest when it’s extremely hot or extremely cold outside. The more often people have to adjust their thermostats due to weather changes, the more likely it is that issues arise. It’s vital for HVAC technicians to be prepared for these busy times, and planning schedules, finances, etc. is critical for smooth operations even when the business is at its busiest. 

Issue #3: Difficult Clients and Client Communication

Clients in general have become accustomed to fast and even immediate solutions for their problems in the internet era and can be difficult to work with at times, especially as some HVAC repairs take more time to complete. To battle difficult clients, HVAC technicians should ensure that their processes are as client-oriented as possible and should focus on building trust with the clients. Also, it’s important to ensure that a schedule is in place and that HVAC service technicians are organized and prepared for each job. 

Issue #4: More Competition

Did you know that according to the BIS, the HVAC market is projected to reach $208 million by 2025? This means market demand will continue to rise and more competitors will begin to pop up. With multiple options available to clients, it’s important that HVAC service technicians ensure that they maintain good business practices and client relationships, as well as work on retaining the client base for future maintenance and repairs. 

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Issue #5: Higher Costs

As technology continues to develop, so does the HVAC industry. To stay cutting-edge and keep up with competition, HVAC technicians need to continuously evolve their strategies, equipment, and tools. Not only that, they still have to pay for company vehicles, insurance, marketing costs, employee wages, and more. It’s critical that HVAC technicians maintain a budget, minimize unnecessary costs, and try to be as efficient as possible when it comes to time management. 

Issue #6: Smart Home Technology

HVAC systems are continuously evolving, especially with the popularity of smart home systems. It can be difficult for HVAC technicians to gain and retain clients if they don’t keep up with the technology. To counter this challenge, techs should ensure that they invest in leading-edge software, tools, and training to stay competitive in the market. 

Issue #7: Fluctuating Busy Seasons

We noted that some hot and cold seasons are busy for HVAC service technicians, but there’s a downside to that – slow seasons. If the weather is nice, people aren’t using their HVAC systems as often and there’s less of a need for maintenance and repairs. To avoid losing income and employees, HVAC technicians should work on building client relationships, having a strong marketing plan, and scheduling efficiently. 

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